Progress, Zeno-style

So I’m still making this game Let There Be Smite and, when I have time, shaking my fist to the North, where I imagine Cactus and his insanely speedy game-creating life are. “Damn you, Cactus!”, I mutter vehemently. Then I get back to slowly coding and drawing an absurdly simple game that shouldn’t be taking me so long.

See, I’m slowly uncovering a rule about game development ‘n’ me. I generally start on a game with some wonderfully naive idea of how long it will take to finish the whole thing. It then takes more or less exactly twice that long just to get the crappiest version of a working concept on screen. It then takes about twice as long again to get to something I could even consider showing to another human being. Which is what I’m approaching with Let There Be Smite. (Initial estimate: a long weekend. Crappy implementation of idea: a week. Not-so-agonisingly painful showable version: two weeks.)

In other words, to get something with a coolness rating somewhere between “turd” and “lunchbox” will take me yet another doubling, which would take the whole thing out to a month. Which is way too long for a game that is more or less literally a joke and involves nothing much more complex than implementing the world’s shittiest dialog box system. And to make it kind of awesome would be at least one more doubling (two months) and possibly more like two more (four months). You can see how this is a problematic thing. Maybe not of Zeno levels, but still a bit painful.

Anyway, my plan is just to release the first version that I can handle releasing – I suspect that’s the only way I’ll ever be able to move onto something new. And I have so many different ideas that need crappy renditions to exist!

So! Look forward to that!

30 June 2011
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