Let There Be Smite!

A God-game from another mother! Whatever that means! Take on the Big Job and decide whether to punish or forgive all the Sinners in the world! If you get sick of them, just flood the planet!

Let There Be Smite! banner

Let There Be Smite! was written in ActionScript 3 using Adobe’s FlashBuilder 4.0. It uses free sound files from the internet provided by people who didn’t ask for attribution and aren’t getting any!

You can read my writing about the game on my blog. Let There Be Smite! was also written about by Gamers With Jobs and Trinn, got some love from Unwinnable, and was mentioned on O’Reilly Radar.

Let There Be Smite! has appeared in the exhibition Terrifying Noble Splendid at TEMP.

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1 July 2011
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