Pixel Pushover

Am starting in on this new game based on airplane safety instructions. Amusingly, after vowing a while ago that I hated and would never use pixel art, I’m drawn to using pixel art in these recent projects. Crucially, pixel art is, in theory, a bit easier to animate. Less pixels means less change per frame.

Yes, well, that’s the theory. Instead, I feel as though I’ve entered an inferno of self-hatred as I try to figure out how the hell to do animation of any kind whatsoever. I pine for the days when I used to make stop-motion animations with LEGO and a video camera. Once I broke a bunch of staples and stuck them on a minifig’s hand to make a Freddy Kruger. Awesome.

But animating these pixel graphics is super hard. For one thing, I have massive respect for people who non-animated pixel art. It is hard as hell to draw anything half-way decent (as evidenced by my “state-of-the-art” graphic here). But then you try to make the dude adopt the brace position in a series of frames and you realise that you have and have always had an undying hatred of the fact that the human body moves a lot and in complicated ways to carry out even the most trivial-seem motion. Thus, I’ve been running through a cycle of draw-and-delete this evening, and am not much closer to success.

The only thing that gives me hope is how awesome the simple animations in Police Quest are.

5 July 2011
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