Brace! Brace! Yourselves!

I’m now hard at work on my next game after Let There Be Smite, currently titled Safety Instructions. Spent a fair bit of today working on the code, using Flixel again, that will support the very simple gameplay involves. It’s pretty much Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing mashed up with the death sequences in early Sierra games. Some might call that a match made in heaven and I don’t think I’d disagree.

It’s been quite a good practice game because it hugely centres around sprite animation which is something that I haven’t done at all since I was little and messing around with crazy animations in HyperCard on the old macs. Although I already respected them, I have exponentially increasing respect for people who do animation that’s even passably good: it’s just so ridiculously time consuming and hard to even do the shitty animations that I’m putting together for this game.

Still, I cannot deny that it’s rather enjoyable to sit here, of an evening, quietly playacting in my seat what happens if you don’t adopt the brace position when the plane comes to a sudden halt, then drawing it frame by frame and adding some flecks of blood. The carnage obsessed boy lives in me yet. In a way, there’s some kind of deeply pure creative spirit evoked by creating scenes of death and destruction, I think. A kind of loving detail I probably wouldn’t bother with for a bunch of other possible scenes.

Anyway, the idea is to knock this game out pretty fast – mostly just slowed by my (lack of) animation skills. Also somewhat slowed by my desire to add a whole lot of “bonus levels” to the game, which could delay it by quite a lot. We’ll see how well I can resist that. I really do want to move on to another project soonish and turn this game development thing into something fairly snappy if at all possible.

Yeah, so, Safety Instructions will be coming out in the next week or two, is what I mean. Followed by what will hopefully be a kind of romantic game, though we shall see.

14 July 2011
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