How To Draw

Not that I actually know how to draw or have any advice to offer. It just occurred to me that I’ve been managing to keep up a steadier rhythm of comics than usual, over on stimulusresponse. And that makes me feel at least a little cheerful. And that’s been accomplished by two super obvious super powers.

Super power one is that I’m drawing in my notebook every day, come rain or… hail (Summer in Copenhagen sucks this year). I’m making the effort to just kick back and draw stuff. In addition, I’ve ended up drawing or doing drawing-like things a lot now that I’m making games, and that’s helping a bit with the motivation. The latest game, Safety Instructions, has been particularly interesting because it’s pixel-art and because I’ve ended up having to draw all kinds of body positions that I would otherwise never do in a million years.

Super power two is not giving too much of a crap about my lack of ability to draw “properly” in any real sense. I read a bunch of excellent comics artists day to day, and they are unbelievably good at drawing. I assume they work at it assiduously and are reaping the rewards. I don’t think I really draw enough to particularly improve or develop a proper style or whatever. So the solution to that is, as much as possible, to let go of needing to get some thing right and instead just to draw whatever comes out of the pen. Although that leads to way more kind of awful drawings than interesting ones, it’s kind of great fun and does occasionally pop up images I find fun, like tonight’s stimulusresponse edition.

First time I’ve drawn a bum in years!

15 July 2011
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