The beast lives

Just so you know, I’m back to slogging it out on this game of mine called Safety Instructions. I believe that all of the core animations are now essentially in the can, leaving only the bonus levels I have planned. Given that I’ve now sunk so much time into the project, I figure I might as well do all the stuff I want to do on it, including, for instance, a little tutorial level and everything. It’ll be a bit more “proper” than past games of mine, then.

Funnily enough, one of the most gratifying moments in the entire development process was when I allowed myself to build the game’s title screen, which you can see part of in the screenshot here. It’s not necessarily much – just some simple pixel stuff – but it really warmed my heart. In some ways, I suppose, it’s when you create a title that you really say to yourself “yes, I have a game here – it’s for real”. So then Safety Instructions is real.

In my dreams I finish everything in an insane work-frenzy by the end of this coming weekend, but that’s probably not realistic for drawing about another 5 sets of animations and nailing down a bunch of poorly written code to make it hang together. All while, you know, planning lectures for next semester and editing my book. This paragraph is my attempt to sound impressively busy – I’ve been meaning to write a kind of bizarro-world post where I try to sell myself as well as I can, making myself sound amazing. Very un-New Zealand, but it would probably be hilarious.

Anyway, this post was mostly a “yes I’m still developing this game” post for all those throngs of fans out there. Continue waving your lighters and I’ll be out with it soon.

3 August 2011
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