Murder He Wrote

Have been finding it a little difficult to blog recently just because I’m putting so much time into Safety Instructions and for whatever reason it doesn’t put me in “writing mode” as much as playing other people’s games tends to.  I guess that, in the moment, it’s a bit hard to really see what you’re up to when you’re making a game – need a little time apart, rather than staring bleary eyed at the latest animation cell.

I will say, however, that it struck me quite solidly today that I’m making a game in which a child dies, which just isn’t something you see all that much. I’ve been going along animating all this gruesome stuff without a second thought because, to be fair, it’s all implied by the safety instructions you see on a plane. If you don’t brace – so much the worse for you, and so on.

Even so, it makes me wonder whether I’ve hit some kind of boundary of taste that I’m just unable to see because I’m so obsessed with the technical fact of getting the game working and finished. I wouldn’t remove the scene, I don’t think, but is it a “woah!” sort of thing, or an “oh, okay” sort of thing? Guess I won’t really know until some people see it, but it seems funny to me just at the moment that I’m unclear on it, and that there’s a dead kid in my game in the first place.

And who killed him? Me? You? The disaster which struck the airplane? Who’s responsible here?

6 August 2011
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