A Match Made Somewhere Good

And that match is me and making little video games of my own inclination. Since returning from Paris I’ve been obsessively working on Safety Instructions, which has been kind of “feature complete” for a while now, but which I find myself wanting to be more and more polished as a thing to send into the world. It’s really getting there, with the main barriers being sound effects (which I have a line on now) and a million tweaks.

The revelation for me (and I’ve had it a few times this year while making games) is that games seem to be a really good fit for my mentality. Specifically, I have the kind of attitude to “making stuff” that involves throwing it together as fast and instinctively as possible before throwing it like spaghetti on the wall (does anyone seriously do that, by the way?). This means that I write my blog posts in the course of about 15 to 20 minutes, draw comics as fast as humanly possible and so on. This means that the things I produce are often a bit ragged and not particularly thought through. Which is actually intentional and the reason I named the one site “stimulusresponse” and the other “inininoutoutout”, it’s about processing not rumination.

My concern has often be that I produce inferior crap because I have that inclination to just “ship it” as fast as possible. Games are a perfect antidote to this. Short of happily making a total piece of shit, you can’t make any kind of game that I’m interested in without throwing some fairly serious time at it. And because the basic fact of the matter is that I have to spend at least a fair amount of time to make anything, I find myself more willing to invest extra time in the quest of making something more, well, gooder. Basically, somewhat like a Ph.D. dissertation (though a little less involved), games have the right threshold of work for my particular twitchiness.

So… good.

8 August 2011
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