Danger Stroll

So I’m still playing around with VVVVVV and, having turned away in odd disappointment from the player-generated levels (though I’ll return), I’m mostly looking at how to get the game really finished. Top of the list is that, somewhere along the line, I missed two of the “shiny trinkets” secreted around the game world.

To find those two trinkets, I’ve basically had to wander around the little pockets of the galaxy that the game takes place in. Except that “wander” isn’t completely the right word, because the world is incredibly treacherous. Thus, you end up re-experiencing all the game’s gravity-defying and spike-riddled jumping puzzles over and over again, all while keeping a beady eye out for those missing trinkets.

It’s a strange combination, then. On the one hand, I really am “strolling” through the landscapes of VVVVVV as I search, on the other hand, my little dude Viridian is diving down angular passageways only to land on a dissolving platform, flip back upwards and along another angle to land on a conveyor belt propelling him back toward spikes… and on and on.

And yet, it does feel almost entirely casual once you’ve finished the game once. For one thing, I care less about the repeated deaths, I suppose. But for another, I’ve genuinely built up enough running-flipping skills that I can negotiate a lot of these environments with shocking ease. To the point where it really is a stroll.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the spikes…

19 August 2011
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