Simplicity Kills

After allowing myself a bit of time off after Safety Instructions I’m properly back at work on my next game. Without saying what it actually is, I’d like to just complain about how difficult I’ve been finding the process of coding.

Basically, an important component of the game is about being to stand in a queue. When I was planning the game initially, it seemed like this would be super easy and no problem at all. And yet, perhaps because I’m not the strongest coder, I’ve been really struggling to get the queuing interaction working well. While it’s (relatively) straightforward to get an “all A.I.” queue up and running, once you stick the avatar in there things getting considerably more complicated.

The problem is that once the avatar is in the picture, you end up with all these extra considerations. What if the avatar goes in the queue, then leaves it just as someone else is about to join in as well? What if the avatar runs straight to the front of the queue and tries to push in? What if the after stands in the way of people trying to join the queue but never actually joins it himself? Hypothetical hell.

Anyway, I am making progress on this amazing interactive queue experience, but it’s funny how difficult it’s been. It’s also funny to listen to myself muttering about how it’s worth it, damnit! because the game around the queuing does something interesting (to me). All this effort to produce something so intensely banal. Ain’t that just the way?

24 August 2011
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