Players Gon’ Play

I’ve now basically implemented all of The Artist Is Present in terms of a “perfect trajectory” through the game. That is, if you just played it straight up, I’m relatively confident it would actually work properly and you’d have “The Experience” I have in mind. And that would be fine and dandy…

… except for the player.

Now I’m engaged in the uniquely game-y process of trying to caulk all the seams in the game so that when the player inevitable does something ridiculous, pushes the boundaries, the game will be ready for them. The game may not have many mechanics or rules, but I’m impressed by just how many ways I can think of that a player could royally screw things up. Especially because I have this particular experience in mind, I also need to make sure there’s no “cheating” way of beating the game without putting in the requisite hard yards.

So now I find myself asking questions like – what if the player just indefinitely stands in front of someone who’s trying to move? What if the player refuses to buy a ticket? What if the player just leaves from the first screen? And on and on it goes. Inevitably I’m going to miss something (much like I missed the “autotyping” way of beating the final level of Safety Instructions). Somewhere in the future there’s a me slapping his forehead because the present me missed something super obvious that can help to mess up the sanctioned experience. So be it.

For now, the caulking gun is out and my eyes are beady.

6 September 2011
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