Trolley Problem

Games and ethics! It’s the oldest chestnut in the book! Try your hand at the switch and see what you would do in a series of gruelling ethical challenges from the all-time classic ethical thought experiment from philosophy, the trolley problem! Choose wisely and well! No regrets!

Trolley Problem banner

Trolley Problem was written in ActionScript 3 using Adobe’s FlashBuilder 4.5 and the excellent Flixel library. It uses a sound effect I made in bfxr and the title track was made with WolframTones. The font in Trolley Problem is Commodore 64 Pixelized by Devin Cook.

You can read my writing about the game on my blog. Trolley Problem was written about on Alphr.

Trolley Problem has appeared in the exhibition The Games of Art at the QUT Creative Industries Precinct.

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7 October 2011
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