Diary of the Making of a Young Prince of Persia Girl

I finished reading Jordan Mechner’s Making of Prince of Persia diary today – you can buy it online here, and I guess I suggest that you do if you’re interested in people who make games and how they feel about it and what they do. Or, rather, did, since it’s a bit dated at this point (Apple II!).

It’s unintended, but kind of amusing that I also happen to be reading The Diary of a Young Girl (that is, Anne Frank) for the first time. Not sure how I got to my ripe old age without reading it, but there you go. It’s pretty brilliant in terms of making those crazy times more concrete – particular because you hear very little about the crazy times and very much about the inner workings of a teenage girl at those times. That is, it makes those times real because someone real was alive at the same time.

The two diaries are weirdly similar, though that might just be because they’re diaries. They’re both about young, ambitious and rather self-confident (at least internally) people. In fact, I’d almost say the “voice” is very similar or something (or is it just the reader?). I get the same feeling from both, the need to change and develop and fulfill potential. Sad in that way that only one of them really got the chance to do so.

Wonder what kind of games Anne Frank would have made…

25 October 2011
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