A Vertical Slice of Zorba Cake

Remarkably, I’ve regained my “spark” in working on this Greek dancing game, now officially called ZORBA. Yesterday I sunk a few hours into getting through a bunch of niggling interface issues that were really holding it back from feeling like it had made any progress. And then today I polished the interface so that it actually now looks pretty much like a game!

it shouldn’t be surprising, I guess, but have the game look like a game makes a huge different to my ability to care about and be excited by it. It’s a little like seeing it for the first time again and I’ve found myself actually playing it on and off during the day. There’s still plenty more to do before it’s ready, but the foundation is there to the point that I (think I) know I can keep going on it without becoming super depressed again.

Not sure if there’s a lesson here? Maybe it’s important to sometimes “give” yourself the vision of the game as a game. That is, it’s probably good to make a vertical slice, as they call it, so you get some sense of what you’re actually making, rather than flailing around amongst the placeholder graphics and not-quite-good-enough interface decisions, slowly convincing yourself the whole thing is a big piece of shit. I’ll try to take that under advisement, at any rate.

2 November 2011
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