So I’ve now released ZORBA into the wild on the games page (linked above, as per usual). Other than a couple of reports of some odd behaviour by the SWF it seems like all is well I suppose. It’s not quite as nerve wracking as it used to be, but still a pretty weird thing to let go of a game like that. Still, mostly it means that it’s time to be working on the next one in earnest.

In the end, after my qualms over all the multiplayer elements I’d added to the game, I chose to edit the game right down again. So now it’s literally just the part of the game where you dance against Zorba himself and nothing else. I felt really quite relieved when I made the decision at last. It’s hard not to feel like I “threw away” a whole lot of work, but I’ll just have to assume that it’ll come in handy some other time and that it was in the interest of this game being the way it’s meant to be.

8 November 2011
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