Unleash the Inner Fussbudget

Progressing nicely with the new game, All’s Well That Ends Well. I think that as of just now I’ve conquered all the Box2D physics stuff I needed to work out – memory leaks averted, strange object speeds corrected, insane processing overhead ironed out. Which leaves me basically working on the aesthetics of the game.

Given that a huge part of the point of making this game was to get away from the retro pixel-art style, this has led to some pretty extreme fussiness. Rilla is already deeply over me asking her repeatedly what she thinks of the latest set of images for the game. Does this go with this? Is there too much white in this? How will I ever get a consistent set of avatars drawn?! The world is ending!! And so on.

The problem being that for this game I wanted to draw more in “my” style, using Manga Studio to create more drawn objects, rather than objects constructed with pixels. That makes it feel like there’s a lot more riding on the look of the game – it’s relatively easy to hit on a sufficiently accurate Sierra-style version of most things, but drawing with your own lines and sensibilities is considerably more stressful.

So anyway, that’s the remaining hold-up with the game. The cycle of elation and despair continues apace. The nib on my stylus wears away. The day turns to long night. And so, and such.

21 November 2011
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