All’s Well That’s Almost Ended Well

Somehow I find myself fairly close to being finished with the new game, All’s Well That Ends Well, or at least close to a testable prototype. There are some decisions to be made about music and sound effects, and a couple more little tweaks to the physics stuff, but it’s basically feature complete.

The main reason for that is that it has hardly any features, of course.

But what’s been interesting and kind of rewarding about this particular project is that it leveraged two things I actually enjoy about making games. First of all, it pushed me to learn a bit about a new technology (the Box2D physics engine) in a way that was really rewarding and involved the childlike joy of seeing my graphics bouncing around on the screen. Second, it finally incorporates my “preferred” or more “natural” way of drawing into a game world, so that the aesthetic more closely matches what I imagine to be “what I do”. It’s really satisfying to see the kinds of images that would normally appear in my comics coming to life, sort of, on the screen and in a game context.

The reason it works out that way is pretty much entirely because the game itself is insanely simply and really only composed of those two ideas: physics applied to a very simple form of interaction, and a variety of swappable graphics. But that’s the beauty of it, too, and the beauty more generally of making these far less complicated or work-intensive games – though this one has still taken me a bit of time to put together, of course.

22 November 2011
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