Brave New Year

Alright, I just want to signal a little bit that I’m still alive and intending to write this blog of mine. Things have been a bit crazy since the end of last semester and then I’ve been a bit lazy in there as well. Now in New Zealand for another week and then back to Copenhagen and the usual rhythms of life.

So we rolled from 2011 to 2012 while I was here in the home country, and that naturally meant making some plans for what to try to pull off this year (among other things I’m claiming I’ll make 20 games, make something for iOS, and write a novel), and also reflecting on how 2011 went.

It went absurdly well. I had a book come out in New Zealand (and hopefully internationally soon), taught a couple of cool courses on programming and design, supervised some good students, and perhaps mostly importantly for me personally, started making some little games of my own.

Now that game-making thing turned into this remarkable big success remarkably quickly, where success means people played the games and talked about them. It seems ridiculous to write it down, but my games were covered by people as diverse as, The Village Voice, Kotaku, The Washington Post, ARTINFO, and just today by BoingBoing. Frankly, that’s all a bit much to take in, or process very easily.

So I thought that it would be a good exercise in processing and posterity to write a few posts about making games in 2011 and how it went from different perspectives, whether that’s the pits of despair involved, the technical battles with (for most coders) simplistic issues, the joys of community, or the strange nature of publicity.

It was a very good year! Here’s to another one and more games!

3 January 2012
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