In-Flight Message

Leaving on a jet plane tomorrow, flying from Wellington to Auckland to Melbourne to Dubai to Copenhagen. Metro. Then home in the land of Føtex, wooden floors and Winter.

As such, no post tonight (because my mind’s just not in it), and no post for the next couple of days. At least until my coming Friday night, and possibly the following Monday depending on how the flight treats us.

Been an excellent stay back in the homeland of New Zealand – it’s all so culturally accessible! Have managed to see a great number of great friends, and even squeezed out a pretty cool game and experienced my second totally surreal surge of internet fame on the back of it.

It will be good to be back in Copenhagen, too, of course. Most of all, it does help to have a more routine life in terms of Getting Things Done.

So here I come.

11 January 2012
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