Back in the CPH

Made it safely back to Copenhagen last Friday afternoon and spent the next couple of days recuperating and resituating. Now involved mostly in marking and so on needed for last year’s courses and supervisions. The nitties and the gritties. Then preparation for this coming semester’s course.

For some reason I have also decided it’s a great idea to start learning cocos2d and Objective-C so that I can eventually make an iOS game, while I also continue poking away at my next game, which involves using flixel “properly”. That is, I’m making a platformer with it, instead of just using its handling on animation and gamestates. We’ll just see how that goes.

Anyway, plan is to return to blogging as usual tomorrow, probably with an attempt to continue with the series on making games in 2011 and how that all went. Hell, maybe I can round it off with all my ridiculous resolutions for what I’m going to pull off this year!

16 January 2012
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