Bending Not Breaking

The current game thing I’m working on involves combing Box2D physics with Flixel in an ever so slightly more complicated way than in the other game I did along the same vein (All’s Well That Ends Well). It’s sufficiently more complicated that I basically can’t do it, in fact.

This is not an uncommon situation. I hit such walls of technical non-know-how with great frequency. Then I rush off to the internet and plaintively sift through the amassed knowledge there in the hopes of getting an answer. Then I bleat for help.

One thing I find myself doing quite often, though, is just “going with it” when something turns out to be painfully hard. In this instance, for example, the problem is I just cannot figure out how to have Box2D work with a scrolling level in flixel. I’m sure it’s entirely possible, and that smart people are out there doing it even as I type, but I can’t manage it. Having smacked up against such a problem enough times, I generally detect a slow blooming of a beautiful idea: maybe it’s better that way.

Maybe the game would be better if the levels didn’t scroll in the first place. Maybe, instead of trying to properly learn how to do the thing that fit with the original vision, I should just change the vision to fit with what I can actually manage. The interesting thing is that this almost never feels like a defeat, but more like the technological challenge has led me to a more worthy conception of the game itself. That could be some weird defense mechanism so I don’t become down at heart, but it could also be that flowing along these channels and grooves created by recalcitrant technology is actually a good way to go. It’s a bit liberating.

So, at present, in the absence of the internet telling me how to do the scrolling version, I’ve turned my mind to how to make the game with single-screen levels. And I’m happy as a clam.

18 January 2012
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