Your Physics Is In Another Castle

Okay, mostly I just wanted to use that as the title of a post. But actually, I’m suffering through some pretty supreme irony with the prototyping of my next game at the moment, so it’s a bit apropos as well.

Basically, the new game is kind of “about” physics programming and how difficult it is to get all your parameters right (witness the infinitely many posts online about tweaking parameters toward an “old school” platformer feel, for instance). My thought is to lay those pressures on the player as a mechanic.

But of course to do that I still have to actually understand the underlying physics programming myself. The only game I’ve done that used a physics engine, All’s Well That Ends Well, was not especially sophisticated in that domain – just some basic collisions. Now that I’m trying to make myself a platformer with Box2D, I’m discovering just how little I know and understand about the whole thing. Thus the oh so delicious irony of trying to make a game that foists physics parameters onto the player, only to discover that I am, if anything, even more stuck with them because of that objective.


20 January 2012
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