Ah, Paris

Off to Paris for the weekend to attend a birthday party because that’s basically how we roll over here in Europe. Not taking the laptop, either, so it will hopefully be a good chance to be away from technology (particularly away from the current game) and to get some perspective on it all.

The latest movement in the current game has been away from Box2D and toward a more generically platform-y physics with the help of flixel’s default behaviours and a nice plugin library from photonstorm (I should link all that, but can’t be bothered right now). It has its own morass of difficulties (like a lack of really smart collision detection), but for the moment I’m oscillated toward the idea of building physics up, rather than tweaking Box2D down. A classic tradeoff I have read about many times in my desperate forum forays.

Next week marks the beginning of the semester and teaching and all that stuff, so life adopts that new rhythm. I’m moderately hopefully that that will help rather than hinder my various projects.

27 January 2012
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