The Deep Dark Sea

Just a short note to say that the sea is kicking my ass. Well, not the sea, just the virtual water in this current game I’m working on. It’s kind of derailing the entire process of making the game, even, since a couple of the levels I have in mind rely on their being water with some particular “realistic” qualities (notably reaction to density and some idea of equilibrium). This is one of the reasons I wanted to use Box2D, of course, for its water stuff, but then Box2D had other problems that were equally damning. At present I just don’t see a way forward beyond building my own far-too-sophisticated physics engine, which just seems insane for a small game idea I wanted to make quickly and move on from. I’m painfully aware that the more time I spend on this, the more “important” I feel like it’s meant to be, even though it was just a throw-away idea. Darn. That’s all. Just the usual “darkness” period of game making. They say that it’s darkest just before the dawn or something, but that’s bullshit.

2 February 2012
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