Placeholder Graphics Save the Day

A brief word on the continuing trials of motivation in working on You Say Jump I Say How High (officially no comma). Last time I was in the usual amount of despair, but yesterday Rilla suggested switching from physics programming to doing some better placeholder graphics and so I did and now I feel somewhat alive again with the project. In particular, ended up doing some sketchy “hand drawn” sprites for the various tiles and the avatar and so on. While it’s not perfect or anything, it is amazing how much of a difference it’s made in terms of being able to look at the game with fresh eyes and not feel quite so dispirited. Now at least it doesn’t look terrible (which it did previously in the sense that it was literally just blocks), and this means it probably won’t be terrible. And so I go on. Have one last horrible physics problem to solve (high speed collisions with destructible tiles, for what it’s worth) and then might be on the “home stretch”, whatever that is.

13 February 2012
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