Abandonment Never Felt So Right

So anyway, I spent the last couple of days doing battle yet more with physics and, yet again, physics won after kind of pretending it had a slight limp and that I might catch up with it. No, no. I actually came up with what I thought was a pretty elegant solution to the problem I was working on, but got all tangled up in flixel’s update code for velocities and so on and could never quite make it happen properly. Then I had a small but important realisation that I was totally missing the point of why I started this game…

Y’see, the idea behind the game is all about introducing the player to the world of the developer. In particular, the world of tweaking physics parameters so that the game “feels right” or whatever it is you’re meant to do with them (I’m not really sure, being no expert on that particular aspect of game making). The point was the bring the player into the fold in that special, slightly aggravating way by having them do battle with flixel’s physics system. Specifically not me. And yet there was fighting away trying to do things with flixel’s physics system, completely contrarily to my stated purpose.

I had been concerned about situations such as when you move very fast (set a high player speed) and therefore end up bypassing or breaking flixels collision detection setup (which doesn’t have some of the fancitudes of something like Box2D in terms of checking interim collisions and so on). There I was trying to add functionality to flixel so that it could handle these situations.

But the whole point was to let_ the player encounter those situations! Geeze!_

So anyway, lesson learned (for now). The player will just have to deal with it if they make the avatar “too fast” and so on. Literally a “not my problem” situation. Maybe that’s an alternative name for the game…

16 February 2012
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