Sincerely Weird, Embarrassing, and Great

Today I had the good fortune to see the “switcheroo” pictures on Sincerely Hana, thanks to a link on These are photographs in which a couple poses for two shots – in the first they wear their “normal” clothes, and in the second they swap clothes and places, as in the abbreviated image above. Extraordinarily simple idea, very internet, very hilarious. Two things about that, then…

The first thing is that I immediately showed the page of photos to Rilla and, after we had expressed our deep admiration, we found ourselves looking at each other like, “well, we should probably take a photo of ourselves and send it to that site, right?” And we were like: yeah. And in fact we have the perfect clothes for this. We got changed into them. They are matching American Apparel outfits. They are a bright red singlet and a bright green pair of tiny shorts. (The colours of Bangladesh!) And because we wanted to know if it was all going to work out (Rilla being a touch smaller than me), we put on each other’s first. Turns out I can squeeze into my wife’s singlet and tiny shorts. Turns out I look pretty amazing in them. Where “amazing” means “stretching the limits of good taste”.

Then we realised we didn’t have a good enough camera to take the photograph with. Then Rilla had to go to work. Then I looked at the Sincerely Hana page again and realised it was an artist’s portfolio. Then I realised it was in no way a submissions website. Then I emailed Rilla to tell her we had worn each other’s ridiculous little outfits for nothing. Then she pointed out that lots of other people, all over the world, had probably done the same thing. Out of the sheer excitement of seeing those photographs. We merry fools.

And that is beautiful.

The second thing is: what is it about those photographs, anyway? I tweeted this morning that I wanted a game that somehow felt like those photographs do, or leveraged the “je ne sais quoi” of them in a game-like way. And I really do want that. I’d love to work out how that would work, that combination of charm and hilarity and can-do spirit.

Think about it.

21 February 2012
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