Happy Spam

Today’s weird internet experience concerns receiving the first ever piece of spam that I looked through, read, enjoyed, showed to Rilla, and generally felt pleased to have seen. We might call it “happy spam”. It was a really weird feeling. In brief, I received an email from “archana.hegde123” (pretty awesome name), subject line “Fwd: Mind blowing Shadow Concepts – images” and, not one to shy away from reading the odd spam, I had a look, and it was pretty cool.

Basically you get to see a bunch of people posing in front of a light and casting amazing weird shadows. Oddly, particularly now that I look at the one I kind of some of at the head of this post, I kind of don’t believe it’s real. But that just adds to the awesomeness of the spam – it’s intriguing as well! And then it has a lot of nice touches as spam. The fake “Fwd:” in the subject line is pretty suave, fits right in. I’m kind of fond of the name Archana Hegde. And most of all I like the idea that spam is now resorting to “send something sort of cool, but include links to some stupid website and hope they click them”. That’s bordering on being an acceptable form of spam. Not really, obviously, because it’s still unsolicited “cool things”, but it’s not terrible either.

Well played, spam. Well played.

23 February 2012
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