Muscly Monday

Just a paragraph this evening (things are going eerily well with the latest game). Rilla and I randomly decided to assign themes to the days of the week this morning, and came up with: Manly Monday, Trannie Tuesday, Womanly Wednesday, Thursday, Fisherman Friday, Sweet Saturday, and Soft Sunday. Anyway, to pursue Manly Monday we watched the second half of Pumping Iron with breakfast. Then, in a fit of enthusiasm, we also watched Pumping Iron II: The Women, probably rendering it more of a Muscly Monday than a Manly one. Anyway, Pumping Iron was entertaining, but Pumping Iron II, thanks in no small part to its badly out of synch audio, was like a terrifying Lynchian version of a movie like Robocop. Very 80s. Very strange and creepy. Worth a watch!

27 February 2012
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