New Project Status

The new game I’ve been making is so far called PONGS and it’s… a whole lot of_ PONG_s. So to speak. On the plane-ride home from Greece a while back I amused myself by trying to come up with ten different versions of PONG. Mostly I thought of it as trying to think of a whole lot of “gags” based on the mechanics and appearance of the original PONG (though I think it’s evolved in a little more than that now). When I got to ten I wasn’t back in Copenhagen yet, so I kept going. Eventually I made it to 25, which I was pretty pleased with. Now, after culling a couple and adding a couple, I have 26. The whole thing has been an interesting experiment in trying to work in terms of variations instead of one monolithic idea, it’s been quite a pleasing challenging. I have a few more things to do yet, but figure PONGS will be all done in a week or so.

3 April 2012
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