The Ecstasy and the Apathy

I pretty much wound up my work on PONGS today. There are 36 variations on classic PONG in there, out of I suppose around almost 50 that I thought of and often even implemented before throwing away. The game started with me challenging myself to come up with multiple versions of PONG while flying from Athens to Copenhagen and I was super excited about it right from the beginning. Now it’s done, I feel kind of sad.

To some extent it’s par for the course. Whenever you finish a project there can be that weird lull and depression. After all, you don’t have that project to work on any more. With PONGS though it seems particularly disappointing. Basically, PONGS was just so much fun to make. The combination of a really simple base level with the chance to just come up with super random ideas for how to alter it was great. Making snack size games turns out to be pretty wonderful, in short. Now that the snacks are finished, I feel I’m having a bit of a sugar crash.

Definitely suggests to me that working on another minigame collection some time in the near future would be a good idea. Look for PONGS in the next couple of days!

9 April 2012
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