Fit as a Bit

A brief post to mention that Rilla and I recently picked up FitBits and have been experimenting with their integration into day-to-day life. They’re essentially a fancy pedometer that tracks steps taken, distance traveled, and stairs climbed, and also do some kind of semi-primitive sleep tracking. Quite a lot of stuff for a pleasingly small and fairly well-designed object. The most surprising element of the whole thing, though, is trying to keep up with the recommended numbers of steps etc. each day. Holy heck 10,000 steps is a lot if your day-to-day “activity” revolves around sitting at a laptop and existing in the beautiful and endless landscape of the mind. Sadly, many thousands of mental steps don’t make even a single “real” step. So it’s been tough and has often required going out for not just one but two solid walks every day. All of which is a good thing, naturally, but crickey it takes quite a bit of time. Who knew? At least I won’t die at 40 now, right? Right?

20 June 2012
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