Kicker Kicks Off

(The game I’m currently working on, Kicker, has no graphics, so it seemed a bit dumb to try to come up with a pre-post banner image.)

Kicker is going to be a piece of interactive fiction (IF) written in Inform 7, the weird and interesting “natural language” for writing these kinds of things. To this point is doesn’t really exist in any narratively interesting form, but rather exists as a relatively complete football simulation written as a turn-based text adventure. (Only relatively complete because [American] football has a huge number of special situations, and because I decided somewhat randomly not to include penalties.) Still, even getting my football simulation up and running has been a lot of fun and it’s pretty satisfying to watch the virtual teams doing more or less reasonable things (including running a hurry-up offense, kicking winning field goals in overtime, and so on). So, I plan to slide back into writing some blog posts over the next days by talking a bit about the nature of the game and how it feels to write a text-only game.

11 July 2012
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