Happy Trails Jehovah

My Jehovah’s witnesses came around for the last time to my Copenhagen apartment today. They’ve been coming, as far as I can remember, more or less for the last two or two and a half years, about once a month or so. There’s one older woman who’s been coming the whole time, and then she brings along a different partner most times. Today it was a very stylish Danish guy with excellent glasses. Each time we have a little chat about the latest issue of The Watch Tower (today’s theme was miracles) and talk more generally about the weather, how life’s going for us both, and so on. The woman inquires after Rilla, and remembers that I’m moving countries and all those sorts of things. It’s presumably part of a good conversion strategy, but it’s also pretty cool that they do it. As always they were very polite, steadfast in their message that Jehovah is pretty great, and not at all exasperated by my continuing lack of finding of their faith. No, they’re pretty cool people. Today the stylish guy asked whether I agreed there was a lot we don’t understand about the world and I said I did agree. He pointed out that a lot of people like to embrace the idea of that there’s some order to it all, and I said I liked to embrace my ignorance. We all laughed. I’ll miss them.

2 August 2012
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