Alive and Kickering

I’m still trudging my way along with Kicker I am vaguely pleased to report. It’s not getting any easier to work out how to write this kind of text, and the whole thing has been almost absurdly grueling, but on I go. Not quite in keeping with my practice of rapidly releasing lots of little things, but it’s good to do things differently, too, and I have a ridiculous little flash game in mind for later anyway. The basic idea is still in tact, but I’ve found myself more and more bound up with building a variable world for the player to exist in, rather than having the game be more spartan in terms of descriptive text. That’s meant writing a lot more, and writing it in such a way that Inform will construct different sentences and descriptions (something it’s good at as a language). So anyway, it’s coming together is what I mean.

6 August 2012
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