VESPER.5 and Tuning in Next Week

I’m still playing Michael Brough’s VESPER.5 (you should too, it’s really not very challenging – yet!). It’s the first game that I’ve had to make a recurring to-do in Things for, so that’s a step in the right direction I think. I started the game by going up, thinking that some shapes at the top of the screen were gaps or perhaps windows. As it transpired they weren’t (or were they?! Maybe you should check…), but it was a really interesting decision to have to make – a three day trek up the screen just to check on something. Like the opposite of those amazingly frenetic “wall riding” sessions you used to have in Wolfenstein 3D trying to find hidden passages. The other thing I’m both greatly enjoy and, yes, kind of hating, is this whole thing of measuring distances in days. For instance, I’m something like a week away from seeing what I assume is the next screen to the right. A week. On the one hand, it is leeching a bit of my enjoyment of the daily turn because having decided where I’m going has made it harder to enjoy the intervening space. On the other hand, it’s awesome to be able to speak this way about a game, and it feels like a bit of a revelation in terms of attention spans and our ability to enjoy low-stimulus experiences. Others may crumble, but I will be playing this sucker through.

Maybe I’ll wall-ride the whole thing for a year or two until I know for sure there’s no secret passages.

17 August 2012
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