This Is Me On Drudge

I’m technically still working on Kicker, but the very fibre of my being has started resisting working on it. Which kind of sucks, because I do have to finish it before I feel like I can move on to another project. I’m in the process of writing variations of text for when you talk to various people in the game on the sidelines. For some reason it’s insanely boring and I’m just not excited about the game right now. Anyway, I thought I’d write this dismal post as a kind of emotional signpost for later times when I do feel enthused about making games and about this particular game. Because this is just par for the course sometimes, particularly when projects spread out over more than a couple of weeks. Yes, it is possible to think your game is a massive (or tiny?) piece of crap. And yes, it is still possible for you to finish it, and for it to turn okay or even good. An incantation for myself as much as anything else.

20 August 2012
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