I’m Still Playing (Yeah Yeah Yeah) VESPER.5

Hello world, I’m still playing Michael Brough’s VESPER.5. The other day I had the revelation of the screen scrolling and revealing a new column of tiles. It was a surprisingly powerful moment. In fact, you could say that the world moved. Because it did, get it? Anyway, it’s just another effect of playing a game so slowly, things become momentous in a way that they normally aren’t. When the screen scrolls in Mario, frankly I don’t much care, but in VESPER.5, I do.

Also hilarious has been being part of a series of tweets between a bunch of people playing the game. There are so many people on the list of “@ names” that there are almost no characters remaining to actually, you know, say something. So everything said is pithy, like “The screen scrolled!” or “Took my step today”. The most wonderful of all of this has been the discover of two, uh, things that turn up after a few moves (I don’t know if I’d be spoiling it for anyone, so I won’t just in case) and the tweet by someone that they killed you if you touched them. This caused great concern and consternation on the thread as people freaked out about the idea of losing their week or so of moves. Then other people said it was okay to touch them. And on and on.

The best thing about this is how intensely suspicious I’ve felt about what other people say about what’s going to happen. You just can’t trust anyone else because in the end you are the one who’ll end up accountable for your move. Maybe the things kill you, in which case it’s a week lost. Maybe they don’t, in which case – well whatever. But you don’t know until you try, and it’s too important and charged with energy (and time) to just flippantly believe someone else. At least, that’s how I’ve felt. Suspicion reigns.

But I’m a couple of days away from needing to decide on any of this personally, so, tune in next week and I’ll tell you what happens. Or maybe I’ll be lying for some reason…

23 August 2012
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