This is your VESPER.5 life

Guess what? I’m still playing VESPER.5 even though I moved from Denmark to Malta in the weekend. Haven’t missed a day. I’m that committed (or obsessive). It’s still an excellent experience, and one that’s moved through many stages of thinking about what games are and what they feel like – it’s a brilliant experiment both by Michael Brough in making it, but also by each player in determining their path. The newest piece of reflection is that, for me, the fact that the game replays all your movements before you take your daily turn is a detriment to the experience. I know other people like it, but for me it feels as though the game isn’t acknowledging the fact that I play it every day, I know where I was and what was happening – I just want to wake up there and make my next move. In replaying the moves the game feels more “game-y” to me, and I don’t find that desirable in an experience that otherwise cuts very close to feeling like a little life. Small things, of course, but that’s the beauty of VESPER.5 – you notice the small things.

5 September 2012
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