Game of Thrones Made of Swords

A mini-post for I am weary. I had the chance to play the Game of Thrones boardgame a week or so ago. It’s very boardgame-y. Little units in little regions attacking each other and claiming resources and land and generally trying to take over castles to eventually win the Iron Throne and thus the game. The short take on this is that it wasn’t really a game for me almost entirely because it was about fighting and battling – that stuff has just interested me less and less lately, I just can’t be bothered pretending I’m killing people or waging wars or devastating opposing armies, it doesn’t titillate or thrill. It bores. It makes me wonder what would happen if you completely reskinned Game of Thrones the boardgame to have the exact same mechanics but a different narrative/aesthetics over the top. Would I then enjoy it? It’s quite possible I would, sorry straw-ludologists.

24 October 2012
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