Working Hard Is An Art?

I had a productive day working on Art Game today, got over quite a few of the little hurdles that I’ve been feeling super intimidated by getting started on. This led me to the usual question: well why the hell didn’t you just do all this earlier? Why are you not working harder?, I ask myself. Often. It is a subject I spend a lot of time with, and I don’t feel like I know much more about it than I used to, but still, it never hurts to speculate.

My usual attitude to the “getting stuff done” issue is the ever-so-helpful idea that I’ll just tell myself to work harder and it will just happen. This rarely works. Many are the days I have gotten up and assured myself I would work hard and true only to find myself twiddling away at an iPhone game or (someone else’s) Flash game or checking my email again. I suspect that telling yourself to work hard only works for people like the Internet meme version of Chuck Norris.

Then there’s the version where I enlist the advise of organization gurus and productivity websites. I break my tasks down into manageable lists of “next actions”, say. Or I spend several days noting down exactly how I spend my time to the quarter hour, which tends to instill enough dread that most of those quarter hours are productive. Pomodoros? Yes indeedydoros. Etc. This kind of thing does work, but I kind of feel like it only works sometimes, and that the times it works are those times when you finally had the determination to get going anyway. And it’s just that you directed that determination at your work via a whole lot of productivity tricks.

Perhaps my favourite take on somehow magically being productive is Proust’s “lie around in bed” strategy. I find this to be a very convincing approach to getting stuff done. You stay in one place, it’s not too distracting, and I’ll be damned if it’s not pretty bloody comfortable as Winter finally wends its way into Malta and makes our apartment colder inside that it is out. Today’s productivity was courtesy of Proust, in fact, so he’s the currently reigning champ I guess.

Still, the “truth” of it seems to be that there’s no way I can make myself work hard and consistently on my games. Of course, admitting and accepting that feels a bit dangerous, so I might just hold off on it for now.

Maybe a rabbit’s foot would help… preferably still attached to a living and adorable rabbit who could hang out with me while I worked!

3 December 2012
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