Bits and Pieces

In lieu of writing anything coherent this evening, which I find myself unable to do, I will hereby write a few bullet points about things I thought I could write about but don’t have enough energy for.

  • One thing I keep thinking about is this idea of communicating through asynchronous iOS games. The obvious version of this is to talk while playing a game that actually has a chat feature. In that case you can do things like complain about the trivia questions you’re getting, for example. But I’m more interested in the idea that people are trying to talk to me via Letterpress. While it has nothing to do with winning, it’s totally possible to select words on the grid that might mean something more than points. I sometimes find my opponents’ choices weirdly pointed. “VAIN”. “HOPELESS”. “DENOUEMENT”.

  • Another thing is that I’ve almost finished Hotline Miami. I still plan to write something “properly” when I’m done, but all I can say is that I’m underwhelmed by it as a game “about violence”. Maybe if I were 15 I’d be more into it, but it doesn’t feel like a very deep piece of meditation. That said, it’s an entertaining game and certainly generates some of those super tense moments that these sorts of “hard core” games can provide. So I’m not sorry I’m playing it, and I’ve definitely descended from my instinctual distaste for the game “just because”, but I remain unconvinced by it’s broader “philosophical” stance.

  • Randomly solved an hour of debugging of Art Game today by just letting go and not really using the class hierarchy I’d so carefully set up. Changing one word in the code (from a specific class to the uber-abstract Object) made everything work. Kind of disturbing, and it feels wrong, as if I didn’t earn it. But I’ll take it over having to do it all the hard way.

That’s about it. At least I wrote some words. Right?

5 December 2012
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