VESPER.5’s Unending

So it happened, I reached the “end” of Michael Brough’s VESPER.5.

It turns out that my approach to play makes the ending of the game more of an “ending”, really. If you’re playing, or have read any of my posts about this game, you won’t be surprised to hear that there’s a “thing” (artifact?) at the very end of the game. It’s a pretty impressive one, too, probably the most tempting of them all. But my play-through as an ascetic monk demands that I leave the thing alone.

That means that in my game I’m a monk in a pink robe in a room with one exit (the passage I came in through) and an artifact. And there’s nothing left to do, really. Well, not true, there are essentially two options. First, I could walk back the way I came, down the passageways and past the artifact and various bits of flora. That would be pretty zen, I guess, but might also read a bit like a prisoner pacing in a (rather long) cell. Alternatively, I could just stop playing (as people on Twitter noted). That would leave my little pink-robed monk sitting forever in his meditation posture, diagonally across from the final artifact.

And that seems about right, really. He walks the hallways of this strange building (or the paths of this strange landscape – hard to say), foregoing worldly things, until he reaches a final chamber, with a final worldly thing. Then, knowing he has seen all that the world can try to tempt him with, he rests. Poetic, really. Zenny, at the least!

10 December 2012
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