Progress Report: Art Game

Progress is coming along on Art Game. For one reason or another I haven’t felt much impulse to write about it because the task of actually making it has been a bit more all-consuming than I’d anticipated. Still, the basic flow of the game now completely works. You choose an artist to play as, go to your studio and produce candidate works for a big show, call in the curator to judge the works and pick, repeat for a while until you have work in the show, go to the opening and look at the work on the walls/plinths, and then leave and find out what the art world made of it. That last bit, the ending, doesn’t exist yet, but everything else does, mostly to a kind of “final” level other than bugs. So without making promises, I’m really trying hard to have this game finished and release in the next couple of weeks. It really is time to move to other projects, I think, even though I’m still (rather surprisingly, to be honest) a definite believer in this one.

16 January 2013
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