Art Game

Experience the exhilaration of making art you really believe in! Experience the agony of rejection by the curatorial team! Consider selling out and just making what people seem to want! Change your mind again and follow your dreams! Be a star of the art world! Be a horrible failure! Be an artist!

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Art Game was written in ActionScript 3 using Adobe’s FlashBuilder 4.6 and the excellent Flixel library. The font is Commodore 64 Pixelized by Devin Cook.

You can read my writing about the game on my blog. John Brindle wrote an extraordinarily good essay about it on his blog. Art Game was featured on, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, The Huffington Post, Free Indie Games, HyperallergicBuzzFeed, Super Level, Gamescenes, PC GamerAnimal New York, and Gamasutra.

Art Game has appeared in the exhibitions INPUT at the online gallery BlanktapeUp Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start at SPACES, and at the A MAZE / Berlin. festival.

Art Game was one of Terry Cavanagh’s Top 10 of 2013!

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4 February 2013
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