Progress Report: Progress Made


I haven’t written a post for ages, which I’ve been quietly feeling super guilty about. The unexamined game is not worth making, as Socrates said, so I herein begin to try to return to words. At any rate, the time I haven’t been writing posts has at least been spent making things. I’ve now completed six games for my special “bundle” of games, all made with GameMaker. It was originally going to be five games, but then I squeezed one more out somehow, and six is better than five in this quantity driven world.

At this point the “only” remaining thing is porting all the games to Windows, as I developed them on a Mac using (the somewhat antiquated) GameMaker for Mac. I’ve begun this process and it is not exactly fun. The opening salvo involved things just crashing all over the place and GameMaker: Studio refusing to compile and on and on. But I’m slowly learning about the various things that cause it to freak out, such that most of the games at least kind of run on Windows at this point. The remaining stuff is polishing them such that they’re the same as they are on the Mac.

After that’s done I pretty much just need to package them up and work on the final “twist” in the bundle (which I’ve admittedly told quite a few people about already, but might as well keep secret here). It’s all come together pretty well, and it’s been a good experiment with GameMaker, and it’s been a particularly interesting experience in making even more games even faster than usual. By my count I managed to finish the six games in six-and-a-half weeks. That’s a pretty decent pace. Not that any of the games are complex, but I think they’re all at least a bit interesting.

So, they should be out and about around the end of this week I think. Pending disasters and the like.

1 April 2013
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