Mumble Indie Bungle

Five games for the price of none! A bonus game for the price of one! It could only be the most fabulous Bungle of your dreams! Play the games your grandma might have bought you at a mall in Singapore by mistake! Experience the highs and lows of spying, gardening, dying, loathing, and gluing! Maybe you can even go fishing!

Mumble Indie Bungle banner

The Mumble Indie Bungle was created in GameMaker for Mac and GameMaker: Studio. The font is Commodore 64 by Devin Cook.

You can read my writing about the bungle on my blog. The Mumble Indie Bungle was featured on Joystiq, Rock, Paper, Shotgun,, PC Gamer, Kotaku Australia, Free Indie Games, Indie Statik, Eurogamer, The Escapist, and Independent Gaming.

The Mumble Indie Bungle has appeared in the exhibitions Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start at SPACES, A MAZE Indie Pop-up at the Republika Festival, and Art & the Viewser at the Allegheny College art gallery.

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8 April 2013
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