So you should play/read/do Porpentine‘s HOW TO SPEAK ATLANTEAN. I wanted to write something substantial about how it was to experience that adventure, but I’ve been scrabbling around for words for the last little while without much luck. It may be that it’s too hard to find words about Porpentine’s kinds of words. For me, anyway. I have this image of Porpentine’s work as being very well known to people, but on the off chance you haven’t actually dealt with it yourself, this is my recommendation that you do. I think perhaps some people would recommend Howling Dogs more, and it’s also amazing, but HOW TO SPEAK ATLANTEAN seemed more forceful to me, more potent. While this blog post feels very incoherent, I’m sorry. Try it out, all I’m trying to do is recommend you play/read/do something, it doesn’t even take very long!




12 April 2013
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