The Artist is Present on Skype

Marina and Siena


So today I actually spoke with Marina Abramovic (and Siena Oristaglio) on Skype. This after Marina had emailed me about having played my game version of The Artist is Present. For the record, she tells me that she was queuing and making progress but then went to get some lunch and was pushed out of the queue! How perfect is that?! Imagine Marina Abramovic at a computer with her little avatar in a queue waiting to sit in a chair opposite… herself! It really blows my mind. (Yet another kind of awesome thing is that Marina happened to be wearing red and had her hair over one shoulder, just like in the iconic images of the performance!)

So anyway, this led to us chatting for a bit on Skype this morning. Marina is super nice, very friendly, was sautéing onions at the start of our conversation! Sautéing onions! (The meal she was making sounded pretty delicious actually.) The upshot of the conversation is that we’ll be collaborating in some way in connection with her new and huge project, the Marina Abramovic Institute. Here I pause to point out the institute’s Facebook presence and its Twitter account, they’re kind of ramping all that stuff up at the moment.

I need to remain a bit mysterious about the nature of the collaboration, because mystery is exciting and fun, but the institute itself is super interesting. It was something I’d had an awareness of prior to all this, but hadn’t necessarily delved into all that deeply. But it’s basically this project to bring the experience of performance art and its general weirdness, amazingness, awkwardness, changefulness, uncomfortableness, etc., to… well everyone in theory. The plans they have for it all really sound pretty crazy and ambitious and great. Importantly, they involve getting to wear a white lab coat and getting involved in all this performance stuff yourself.

So I don’t know where it’ll all go, but it’s pretty exciting you guys! More as it happens!

16 May 2013
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