Roundup #? of ?

I’ve been horribly failing at writing blog posts lately, so I thought I’d throw myself something of a slow ball and just write briefly about the different projects I find myself engaged in at the moment. At the very least it can serve as some kind of “in this day in history I was doing X, Y, and Z” or something. One thing I find vaguely funny about the list of projects (including the simple fact of its length) is how contradictory it is to how I traditionally try to operate.

Well, I’m currently the Game Designer in Residence at Concordia University in Montréal. Quite the honour, between you and me. That means I flew all the way from Malta to Canada and am now working in the Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) lab with/around various super smart academics and artists and artist-academics. I’m teaching a course called “Curious Games Studio” which revolves around me saying things that I think are important/interesting about games and mostly exhorting the students to make their own cool thing. It’s going fairly well so far. The big contradiction? Rilla’s not here, and life without Rilla is really pretty mediocre.

As I may have mentioned last week, I’m in the early stages of a mysterious collaboration with Marina Abramovic in connection with this institute she is putting together. Currently that means exchanging emails with ideas about what could be done. It’s really exciting to have the chance to do this, obviously. More news on this as it develops. Contradiction: I basically never collaborate with anyone. Rules were made to be broken.

I’m working with Unwinnable on a new game in connection with their Playable project. So far this has involved really great conversations with Stu Horvath and gradual progress toward coming up with a thing to make. This all kind of started moving while I was feeling pretty down about game making (for all the usual, stupid reasons) so it was a slow start, but things are picking up I think. Contradiction: more collaboration? What?

I’m making an iPhone game called Snek. Essentially I’m making it just to make an iPhone game of any kind, to get the first one “out of the way”, but of course I’ve become attached to it as well. It’s involving a hefty learning curve with Objective-C and Kobold2D and accelerometers and gyroscopes, but I think I’m most of the way there. I suspect the “polish” bit with an iPhone game will take a while too. The dream is to finish it before I leave Canada. Contradiction: Could this be the project that broke my straw-like back?

So anyway, to me that looks like a giant, insane list of things to be doing at the same time. Me, I prefer to have exactly one thing I’m doing and that’s that, so we’ll just see how this goes. Definitely a luxury “problem” given all the amazing opportunities involved here. Must say, too, that looking at that list makes me look awfully involved and on to it and in demand, which is weird, because day to day life does not feel that way in the slightest. It’s just me, furtively eating a bagel and drinking a coffee in a Tim Hortons while listening to a Yale lecture on the Philosophy of Death at double speed (warning: that particular class is kind of not that great I’m afraid).

So there you go!




21 May 2013
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